Dorm Room Moving: 5 Ways To Prepare For Your End Of Semester Packing

The end of a college semester can feel hectic. Not only do you have to prepare for final exams in a majority of your classes, but you have to move out of your dorm room just days after the classes have ended. Instead of putting so much added stress on the situation, you can follow a variety of tips that will help make things a lot easier. By being prepared ahead of time, you can focus on your tests and ending the semester on a positive note. Use the following five methods for packing up your dorm and being prepared to move out when a semester ends.

The Rule of Five

It's surprising how much junk and clutter can pile up at the end of a semester. Help whittle down the stuff you have by follow a simple rule of five. Each day when you head out for classes, it's important to follow the rule of five. This means that you should pack or throw away five things you no longer need. For example, you can get rid of old pens, old notebooks, or a random carton of food left in the fridge. After a week or so, a lot of the clutter will be eliminated, allowing you to focus on packing essentials.

Last Minute Movers

The intensity of college finals can be minimized with the help of last minute moving companies, such as Modern Movers, Inc.. If the stress of packing is too much, a moving company can assist you with the job. These movers are known for quick moving solutions and can get a dorm room packed within just a few hours. Using boxes and packing supplies, the movers can help you wrap items, pack them efficiently, and then load them into a truck. The moving company can transport the items where you need them and complete the task during your tight schedule.

Storage Rentals

If it's not your last semester on campus, then you may want to consider renting a small storage unit instead of hauling your items back home again. A storage unit can fit a lot of your items and will keep them protected through summer vacation. A climate-controlled unit is ideal for hot days and will help protect a number of your valuables. When working with moving services, they can drop everything off at your unit and organize it for easy retrieval. This eliminates a lot of the work on your end and gives you the comfort of knowing all of your stuff is safely stored away.

Home Visits

During the semester, it's important to think about times when you visit home. These visits are great opportunities to clear out stuff from your dorm room. For example, during a spring break or weekend visit in the spring, you can bring a number of warmer winter clothes that are no longer needed. Try to fill a duffle bag with items each time you head home for a visit. This will help you keep the dorm room simplified and ready for easy packing at the end of the semester.

Shipping Packages

Sometimes it's easier to ship packages back home instead of trying to pack it all yourself. There are a number of services that offer cost-efficient options for shipping. For example, a lot of your books and electronic accessories can be shipped through Media Mail service. This service offers discounts on media items and makes it cheap to ship them back home. Saving on these services will help you ship out items early and have them ready for your arrival at the end of the school year. If you're flying back home, using a service like this can also help cut down on luggage weight and costs for heavy or over-sized suitcases.

By breaking down the different elements of a dorm room, you can reduce the stress that comes with packing and focus on more important elements that come at the end of a college semester.