5 Items You Will Need For Your Move If You Have A Bad Back

If you have previously strained your back, suffered from a herniated disc, or have sciatic pain, then you may be dreading moving. However, with a few basic tools, you may be able to complete the majority of your move on your own. Below are five items that will allow you to load your boxes safely onto your moving truck. 

A Back Brace 

There are a variety of back braces that can help support the different areas of your spine. For example, a lumbar-sacral brace will support your back if you have sciatic pain. Alternatively, a soft lumbar support may be sufficient if you have previously suffered a minor strain from lifting heavy objects. To get the best brace for you, it is important that you talk to your doctor. Let them know that you need a brace for moving and they will give you a variety of choices to try. 

You should be careful to avoid some of the risks associated with back braces by only using the brace while actively moving your belongings, wearing the brace properly, and practicing proper lifting techniques while you are wearing the brace. 

Corner Dollies 

Corner dollies come in packs of four. They are small, triangle-shaped dollies that slide under each corner of a rectangular object to allow you to move it easily. These can be easier to use than a hand dolly in some cases because you only have to lift one corner of an object at a time to place the corner dollies. If you will be using the corner dollies to move items up or down a ramp, then you should consider renting extra long webbing to secure the corner dollies to the object you are moving. 

Shoulder or Forearm Straps 

Shoulder straps and forearm straps work in similar ways. They are slid below a heavy item and then one person gets on each side of the item and lifts it using the straps. Forearm straps put the weight of the object on your forearms while shoulder straps wrap around your shoulders and spread the weight across your upper back. If you have upper back pain, forearm straps may be a better option for you. However, if you have lower back pain, shoulder straps may keep you from bending to lift heavy items.

If you are looking for these items, you should keep in mind that they are also referred to as shoulder dollies, forearm dollies, and moving harnesses. 

A Secure Ramp 

If you have steps at your home, it is important that you cover them with a secure, strong ramp so you can roll items to your moving truck using dollies. Many people simply lay a piece of plywood over their steps. However, this may move while you have heavy items on it, causing you to strain to keep the items from toppling. It is better to invest in a sturdy aluminum ramp that can be secured to the top or bottom of your steps or a ramp that has anti-slip features. 

Plenty of Securing Straps 

Any time you are moving an item on a hand truck or corner dollies, you should make sure it is properly secured to the tool with nylon webbing. If the item is not secure, it can slip, causing you to strain your back to catch it and prevent it from falling. You may also find that you use awkward positions to try to keep items on a hand truck while you tilt it backwards if you have not bothered to secure them properly. Although securing items may take more time, it will save your back unnecessary strain.  Moving with a hurt back may still be possible if you rent the right tools. However, if you feel like you are unable to complete the task, you may want to hire professionals to help you. Check out a company like Route 37 Self-Storage to look into moving services.