Three Alternative Options For Covered RV Storage

It is summer, and people are out, driving their RVs around, and camping out as they please. Most everyone has an idea of when and where they are going to store their RVs in the off-season. However, RV storage plans do not always work out the way you intend them to. If you find that you cannot park your RV close to your apartment or house for the coming winter, or you cannot store it where you normally would because you forgot to renew your storage unit contract, here are a few alternative options.

RV Tarps

You know those car-covering, auto-specific covers/tarps people use for protecting their vehicles? Well, RV manufactures make and sell the tarps for RVs, too. These covers are huge, to be sure, but they are a good and reasonable substitute for protecting your RV when you have to store it outside somewhere during the long winter. If you manage to get an RV spot outside in an RV storage park, you can at least keep it covered with the RV tarp. (Make sure you get help to put the tarp/cover on, as it needs to stretch over the top and down, and you may require a ladder.)

RV Car Parks

In the winter, covered RV storage is always ideal. If you fail to re-up your storage contract, you might be scrambling to find another indoor unit. If you end up not finding any indoor units (and this could happen!), then you may have to settle for an outdoor storage spot. Thankfully, some RV storage places offer RV "car" parks, which are canopied storage stalls. True, they are not fully covered, but they do provide more storage protection for your RV than parking it out in the open on a storage lot.

Warehouse or Airport Hangar

Finally, some business entrepreneurs and real estate people recognize the need for RV storage in your area. They may offer spots in a warehouse where you can park your RV. There may also be open airport hangars with plenty of room for RV owners who are scrambling, like you, to find indoor storage. Such storage spots may be the more or most expensive option because there is nowhere else to take and store RVs near you. However, when you have your heart dead-set on storing your RV indoors during the colder months, one of these two possibilities tends to look really good.