2 Mistakes To Avoid When Packing Your Electronics For A Long-Distance Move

If you are getting ready to move a long distance, such as across the country, you may be busy getting everything packed up and ready to go. When it comes time to pack up your electronics, you probably know to take a little extra time and care so that they arrive at their destination safely. However, there are a couple of mistakes you should avoid when packing up your electronics before a long-distance move.

1.  Neglecting to Remove the Batteries

One mistake you should not make while packing up your electronics is neglecting to remove batteries from any devices that require them. Any devices such as remote controls and Walkman should not travel in a moving van with the batteries still inside of them.

If you leave regular batteries in a Walkman or remote control, the heat to which they will be exposed while in transit could make the batteries leak acid. If the batteries start to leak while inside your devices, the acid will corrode not only the contacts, but it could also spill inside and damage the electrical components.

To keep your electronic devices from being damaged by leaking batteries, remove the batteries, and place them in a plastic storage bag. Then, either tape or tie the bag to the device. Doing so keeps them together to save you time having to search for the batteries when you are ready to use it.

2.  Using Newspaper to Wrap Them

Another mistake that you should avoid making when getting your electronics ready for a move is using newspaper to wrap them up and cushion them. While the newspaper may be acceptable for packing up glasses and dishes, it can damage electronics in two ways.

First, if you use the newspaper on your computer or tablet screen, the tiny fibers in the material will scratch the surface. Second, especially if you are moving across the country, the newspaper may absorb moisture, which would then come into contact with the devices and possibly ruin them.

Instead, lay soft towels on screens, and wrap the devices in bubble wrap. The towel will not scratch the surface, and the bubble wrap will provide extra protective cushioning.

Avoiding the above mistakes while packing up your electronics for a long haul can help keep them in good condition until they reach your new home. For more information about preparing and packing your belongings before your move, speak with a representative from a long-distance moving service