Self-Storage During The School Year: What College Students And Parents Need To Know

Why do college students need self-storage? Whether you're just starting college, you're moving into your first off-campus apartment, or you're the parent of a student, take a look at what you need to know about the benefits and uses of storage units.

Do Students Only Need Storage When They Aren't In School?

While a rental unit can help you to store anything that you won't bring home for the summer or during winter break, you can continue to use this type of storage option while you are still in school. A rental unit does offer an easy way to keep furniture, books, boxes, and bins safe when a student doesn't have classes on campus. But this isn't the only reason to use storage or the only benefit of a rental.

A dorm room or small apartment may not leave much space to hold everything that you need during the semester. If your room feels cluttered or you have extra items that you can't fit into a closet, dresser, desk, cubby, or under-the-bed bin, you may need to rent a storage unit. This rental allows you to declutter your at-school space and keep everything you might need nearby. 

What Should You Store In A Rental Unit?

The answer to this question depends on your preferences, the available space in your dorm room or apartment, and what items you need for school. Some students store furniture in a rental unit, others store books, and others store everything from an extra dresser to printer paper. Common items that could go into a rental include bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dishware, clothing (out-of-season clothing or dressy pieces), school supplies, electronics, textbooks, or decorative room items.

What Shouldn't You Store In A Rental Unit?

Even though a rental can help college students to declutter dorm rooms and apartments, some items are prohibited. Before you store anything, review the facility's prohibited items list. This may vary by rental facility—but often includes hazardous chemicals, anything that is potentially flammable or combustible, and perishable items (such as beverages and food). These prohibited items pose a serious safety risk, could promote mold growth, or could attract pests.

How Should College Students Use Storage?

Between classes, activities, and everything else you do, you don't have enough extra time to sift through boxes and bins in a rental unit. This makes it important to organize everything before you store it.

Clear plastic bins allow you to see what is inside each container, making it easier to find anything that you need to remove from storage. Along with using clear bins, label every container with a detailed description. Instead of a general category (such as kitchen or books), list the items in the container, add a date, or write a blurb that describes the contents.

Contact a local storage company, such as StorSafe Storage, to learn more.